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Drugs and pills for brain activity and brain improvement

Drugs and pills for brain activity and brain improvement brain activity


Drugs and pills for brain activity and brain improvement

In this way, researchers expected serious difficulties, since those pills for brain activity that gave a quick and noticeable effect were distinguished by a large number of side effects and contraindications. Partially, the problem was solved by increasing the duration of taking the medicine to improve brain function, that is, the gradual and slow accumulation of the active substance, which as a result gave the same effect. Partially, the risk was reduced by taking plant-based drugs that provided a more natural effect on neurons.

As a result, all the means to improve the work of the brain were conditionally divided into more effective and dangerous and less dangerous, but with a slow (mild) effect. Between them there is a large group of drugs that could increase or decrease these parameters depending on the conditions of use:


frequency of use

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combinations with other nootropics or substances ingested with food,

individual reactions to components, etc.

In an effort to quickly improve their intellectual level and improve brain performance after the first encouraging tests, some experimenters often go to extreme experiments, making a number of mistakes.

5 mistakes in taking pills to improve brain function

Work idle. This situation arises when it works as it should, but the drug is waited for the impossible – what everyone will do for a person: learn the material, solve the problem, write the coursework. Having taken the drug, such a person sits down to watch TV or play computer games in the hope that it will overshadow. Indeed, sometimes, if the theme of a television story echoes the theme of a life problem, an activated brain can find an unexpected and effective solution to a problem. But more often, all the energy and brain activity must be spent on memorizing a kaleidoscope of news or on passing levels in a game. Therefore, when taking the drug during the period of activity, it is necessary to use your brain to solve target problems, without wasting energy on idle.

Ignoring contraindications.

This error is most often made by two categories of people:

those who consider themselves healthy, not knowing about pathologies (for example, before the manifestation of pronounced symptoms, not knowing about problems with the liver and kidneys).

those who neglect, at first glance, “insignificant” restrictions.

In the first case, a preliminary examination by a doctor to detect the limitations indicated in the instructions for the pills to improve brain activity will help to prevent a mistake. This list is almost always indicated age limit, pregnancy, kidney disease, serious cardiovascular disease. In the second case, the “insignificant” restrictions are considered, for example, a ban on the use of pills in the case of lactose intolerance (when taking Neopept, Phenibut, Nootropil). As a result, neglecting them, get gastrointestinal disorders and the absence of the expected nootropic effect.

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The use of pills.

In everyday healthy life, the use of a super-stimulator, which, as a rule, is not necessary sharply. Modafinil-type drugs are used in the army in real combat situations, in police missions, during rescue operations, on board the ISS, when maximum physical and mental stress is required for a limited time. So the use of Modafinil allowed helicopter pilots to maintain combat readiness for 88 hours. However, even during controlled experiments, different side effects were observed by varying the dosages and the frequency of administration in different regimens.

Potent drugs such as “Adderol”, “Ritalina” are prescribed only for medical reasons, for example, priarnolesii and attention deficit disorder (ADD) with hyperactivity.

Illiterate combination of funds.

It is believed that the inclusion of neurotransmitters and activity is simplified in the case of competent combination of various drugs or supplements. So the experience of those who visited the course shows that “Piracetam” in combination with lecithin and vitamins demonstrates a more stable effect during long-term use, manifested in increased mental endurance and concentration. Piracetam itself in combination with antidepressants increases the effectiveness of the latter, which can both simplify the solution of a medical problem, and vice versa – create unexpected problems. The most popular combination of “Piracetam + Choline” also implies prior consultation with the doctor.

Caffeine in itself is not generally considered to be any effective stimulant of cognitive processes, but with L-tyanine, caffeine gives a more stable and lasting effect, manifested in the exacerbation of short-term memory and the ability to concentrate on tasks.

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Drugs and pills for brain activity and brain improvement brain activity

In some supplements, the optimal combination of active ingredients is already provided by the manufacturer, and it is not necessary to experiment with health risks. This mainly concerns multi-component preparations, in which plant extracts act as elements (GABA, Natrol).

Excess dosage.

This is an obvious mistake, which, nevertheless, even experienced “nootropics” make when they rely on their previous experience without reading the instructions, or when they want to increase the stimulating effects contrary to the recommendations. As a result, several types of reactions may occur:

In rare cases, with a slight excess of the dose, specific predisposition and individual reactions, the effect may increase without noticeable negative consequences.

When the dosage is exceeded once, the opposite effect occurs. For example, when taking DMAA (geranium extract) in the amount of 150-200 mg, instead of stimulation, an inhibition reaction occurs, the remedy begins to act as a hypnotic, suppressing brain activity.

If you exceed the dose in adverse conditions (in the presence of contraindications, joint intake with alcohol, etc.), cerebral hemorrhage may occur, severe headaches, nausea occur.

Overview of popular pills to improve brain activity: 5×5

The task of stimulating the cognitive functions of the brain is medically indicated in the case of manifestations of age-related diseases and conditions in the case of developmental disorders in children (for example, in ADHD and problems with concentration). As well as the need to stimulate their intellectual abilities constantly or in a certain period (session, interview, etc.). In the treatment of complex pathologies and diseases often stop at neurometabolic stimulants synthesized in laboratories. While striving to expand their intellectual abilities on an ongoing basis, they often turn to safer natural pills to improve brain activity.

Synthetic stimulants group

“Nootropil / Vinpocetine” (commercial name for piracetam). Historically, the first nootrope synthesized by Belgian pharmacologists in 1963. After its creation, it was proposed to introduce the term “nootropics” to distinguish these drugs that improve brain activity from psychostimulants, which have numerous side effects. Among the side effects of this drug was an increase in anxiety due to prolonged use in people prone to neurotic reactions, which led to insomnia. This, like most other nootropics, is also prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Purchase “Vinpocetine” here.

“Glycine”. One of the most famous nootropics, which has gained popularity due to the fact that it is sold without a prescription, has a minimum of contraindications and side effects. Thanks to this, students love him. However, an attempt to apply “Glycine” forcedly (that is, an increased dose calculated on a sharp acceleration of thinking speed and memorization) does not lead to success, since this “slow” nootrope is designed for quantitative accumulation during the course (preferably in combination with vitamins). Order “Glycine” here.

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“Phenibut.” A more powerful tool that allows you to feel unemotional and completely calm intellectual with a slightly slower response, which is fully consistent with the purpose. It is used for irritability, fear, tension, insomnia. But the pills have numerous contraindications and side effects, manifested in headache and dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, skin rash, itching, etc. It is safer to use its counterpart from MRM.

“Aminalon”. These pills, which have a psychostimulant effect and restore the brain after cerebral circulation disorders can cause a feeling of heat, insomnia, vomiting. However, such effects are manifested mainly in overdose or hypersensitivity to the components. The doctor may prescribe pills to children from 3 years to accelerate mental development. Over-the-counter counterparts from Now Foods can be ordered on iHerb.

“GABA”. Gamma-aminobutyric acid, one of the main inhibitory neurotransmitters of the central nervous system, is also used as an active ingredient. It also takes part in metabolic processes in the brain. It is also available in the form of pills and is prescribed for circulatory disorders in the brain, with anxiety and irritability, to increase stability during mental and physical exertion. Contraindications include chronic and acute kidney disease. Order here.

Natural stimulant group

The components, combined with each what type of drug is ambien other, produce a synergistic effect, multiplying the effect of pills on the brain.

“Ginkgo biloba”. The extract is obtained from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree, which is considered a “living fossil”. The extract is described as increasing the blood microcirculation, which normalizes the brain vessels, which triggers one of the mechanisms of the nootropic action, but at the same time increases the risk of stroke with prolonged use (especially in combination with indirect antiplatelet agents and anticoagulants). The drug is involved in the unfinished research to determine its effectiveness in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but its main area of ​​application is the expansion of memory and an increase in the ability to concentrate. You can choose any major manufacturer – Mason Natural or Now Foods.

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Natrol. The tool includes:

licorice root, “working” with the nervous system,

motherwort extract eliminating the effects of stress and tension

glycine (an amino acid that participates in the construction of cells, improves vascular tone and provides high-quality conduction of nerve impulses),

vitamins of group B.

“Brain Elevate.” The very name of this herbal medicine mentions its main goal – memory improvement. At the same time, thanks to the activation of cerebral circulation, tablets have a positive effect on the attention and speed of thinking. Designed for long-term use – up to 3 months, pill twice a day.

TinkFast. Herbal preparation of complex action, designed for the simultaneous enhancement of energy, attention, efficiency of the brain. Recommended for occurrence of forgetfulness, inattention, as well as with a lack of motivation and chronic fatigue. For prevention purposes, one pill is taken in the morning.

“GABA”. The tool is one of the richest and most diverse in its composition and spectrum of action. Focused primarily on improving brain activity and stimulating cognitive functions, however, it also has a psychotherapeutic effect, working to improve mood and increase overall energy tone. Copes with manifestations of stress and fatigue. Normalizes sleep. Starting at age 12, one capsule is taken three times a day. These pills to improve brain function have a color differentiation for structuring the reception process:

in the morning – a colorless capsule,

in the afternoon – yellow

in the evening – green.

The best pills for the brain: the definition of the components

In order to understand which drugs improve memory and increase intellectual stamina better than others, it is advisable to first determine the preferred components – those that I would like to see in the preparation – and then choose a nootrope containing these components.

So among the most proven – that is, effective and, in the recommended dosages, safe – elements that give a nootropic result is most often called the Ginkgo Biloba plant, Asian ginseng, any of the substances containing Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins. When it comes to relieving stress and tension, then motherwort, peppermint, lemon balm are most often mentioned. Less often – pumpkin, hop, chamomile.

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Ginkgo Biloba extract can be found in the mono-component nootrope of the same name and in the multi-component preparations “GABA” and “TinkFast”.

Asian ginseng, which is used to increase energy levels, improve cognitive abilities and enhance the action of vitamins, as a component is in GABA and TinkFast.

Omega-3 is most often found in natural seafood (in fish oil capsules), in flax seed, pumpkin, in walnut. Of the above mentioned preparations, only GABA contains seafood (for example, squid meat, shark liver), walnuts, and pumpkin seeds as a source of Omega-3.

B vitamins are best represented in the preparations Natrol and TinkFast, which, among other vitamins, contains pyridoxine (B6), which improves metabolism in tissues, and tocopherol (E), which improves the supply of brain vessels.

Anti-stress components are more represented in the “Natrol” preparation (for example, motherwort), where glycine is responsible for the nootropic effect, and sage and licorice root are responsible for the work of the immune and nervous systems.

If you systematize all the data, then in the informal competition of pills for memory and brain activity, the greatest potential of GABA, however, the final choice of the drug depends on the entire set of tasks that is put before the nootrope.

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